Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

unsecured-lines-of-creditSee If You Quality for Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

When it comes to financing, Sage Finance Group wants to make the entire process easy on your business. For this reason, we require no collateral for unsecured business lines of credit. We understand that you may need a lifeline to turn to for unforeseen expenses, and we ensure you have it with these credit lines.

In determining how much you qualify for, we will take a look at your business. What’s the size? How profitable is it? Does at least one partner or co-owner have a good credit history? After reviewing these facts, we will let you know how much you qualify for.

The Benefits of a Credit Line

Having an unsecured credit line for your business is beneficial in countless ways. Some examples are:

  • Choices range from individual credit lines to small business credit cards.
  • Large amounts are approved for businesses with larger revenues.
  • Our pre-qualification is quick and inexpensive, and requires no obligation.
  • We never offer subprime lines; only those with good rates.

Open Your Line Today

There’s no time like now to open your unsecured credit line. Contact Sage Finance Group today to find out how easy it is to get the credit lines you need to stay in business. We look forward to helping you get ahead.