Equipment Leasing

equipment-financingYour Financial Solution Is Equipment Financing

There’s no reason to get hung up on equipment you feel you can’t afford. At Sage Finance Group, we offer equipment financing for most businesses. We understand that it’s your equipment and machines that sometimes keep the business running, and we want to make sure you always have what you need. We offer four equipment loan programs as a financial solution for our clients.

  1. Government and Municipal Lease – This program is for federal government agencies, police departments, libraries, armed services and other government and municipal entities. Approval is absolutely guaranteed and the rates are determined by the agency’s rating.
  2. Startup Program – This is for companies that are just starting out. You need funds to get going, and we will provide them for you. With financing solutions to get your equipment, your business can get up and running in no time.
  3. B, C and D Credit – This program is basically a second chance for companies that have experienced a setback. The economy can be hard on some businesses, but our equipment loans allow you to keep everything up and running while you recover.
  4. Sales and Leaseback – If you’re considering selling equipment to be able to pay other bills, sell it to us. In turn, we’ll lease it back to you at an affordable rate. Permanently getting rid of the things that keep you in business will not help. This loan will help you keep what you need, and hang on to it for good when the lease is paid back.

By offering low monthly payments to our clients, they are able to stay in business. Their capital is freed up, their lines of credit are preserved and obsolescence is eliminated. If you want to take a part of these benefits, contact Sage Finance Group today to learn more about our equipment leasing and financing options. We can’t wait to show you how easy it is to obtain the machines you need.